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If you wish to discuss your Hair loss and need some support in coping you can call us on the number above.

Where do I go and What do I do?

Firstly you need to make an appointment at your Doctors Surgery

You need your Doctor to send you for blood tests to check the following and anything else that he thinks may be worth checking that could be the cause of your hair loss

Iron levels - Low Iron and Ferratin Levels can cause Hair loss
Thyroid Levels - These can also affect Hair growth
Check any Medication you are taking. Again that also may be responsible.

When your Doctor refers you to a Dermatologist they will look at the form of hair loss that you are suffering from and inform you on what treatments you could use to try to help with regrowth, there are various lotions and creams that can be applied.

If you do decide to look into wearing a Wig whilst you are suffering with the Hair loss then Do Not Panic!
Wigs are amazing today, nothing like in the past.

Up to date Styles
Colours - Highlights, rooted colours
Short, long, feathered, layered
If you decide on virtually any style there will be a wig that matches your choice!

The best advice for producing healthy hair is to eat a well balanced diet of Protein, Carbohydrates and Minerals. Try to cut back on Processed and Convenience food.

Hair loss